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An injustice upon Hindus

The public anger against the Supreme Court verdict in relation to the entry of young women into Sabarimala Ayyappa temple is spiralling by the day. A deep hurt has been caused to Ayyappa devotees world over. The verdict disregarding the hallowed traditions and customs of the temple and the faith of millions of devotees, has failed to fathom the issue. The verdict was grossly inappropriate, though it came from the highest court of the land.

It is indeed an injustice when the issue was not analysed comprehensively, but reduced to a uni-dimensional discourse on gender (when the matter clearly has nothing to with gender discrimination!). In this hour, it is the dharma of every Hindu to rise above the narrow identities of politics and ideologies and protest forming a united front.

It is heartening that the leaders of many non-Hindu religious traditions, who also share a deep respect and appreciation for Hinduism, have pledged their solidarity for our just cause.

Given that the verdict is crucial for the continuance of a unique temple tradition many centuries old, it was only appropriate that the Supreme Court had consulted the advice of the experts on the matter. A verdict that completely discounts the counsel of acarya-s (Hindu Sanyasi-s specialising in respective philosophical traditions); that never bothered to understand the views of various Hindu organisations, the Panda?am royal family (which has an ancestral right to the Sabarimala temple), the representatives of the Hindus in general and the women devotees of Ayyappa, is bound to be catastrophic.

It is extremely unfortunate that the Kerala Govt. has refused to take any step towards an early and peaceful resolution of the issue. The honourable Chief Minister's statement denouncing the Devaswom Board president's move to file a review petition is deeply disappointing.

After all, it is well known that the verdict was also influenced by the adverse stand of the Kerala Govt. as submitted to the Supreme Court in an affidavit.

In this occasion, it is important that people unite and rise in strong protest. There is neither politics nor any vested interest involved here.

Kerala is heading towards a troubled phase. The government and the judiciary should acknowledge and respect and the Hindu sentiments. The just demands of people are reverberating in the streets across the state. How long can the government remain deaf? It is only adding to our suspicion that if a conspiracy - - to destroy Sabarimala Ayyappa temple, violate the faith of the devout and destabilise the very foundations of the most sacred temple traditions - - was hatched and being played out. This is a matter of deep concern. But it shall never succeed. The fight we shall strong and for long!

This is Dharma-yuddha! And victory shall be ours, come what may!

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